Josef Mack since 1856 - The world’s oldest manufacturer of mountain pine products


In the year of the company’s foundation, the Reichenhall-born pharmacist and mayor Matthias Mack discovered the therapeutic value of mountain pine. His scientific work on the essential oil from this mountain plant received considerable attention and was included in the Pharmacopöa Austriaca and other healing books. To begin with, Mack yielded mountain pine oil and extract in his pharmacy.

In 1863, he built the Dianabad sanatorium, where he offered the first inhalation treatments with atomised brine and evaporated mountain pine oil, in addition to medicinal baths with mountain pine extract. This was a pioneering step in the world of pharmacy. Now, in addition to brine and mud, the up-and-coming spa resort of Reichenhall had new spa treatments on offer, which are still used in therapies today.

The healing effects of Mack preparations received international recognition. Pharmacist Josef Mack, successor of the inventor and eponym of the company, established the first mountain pine distillery in Großgmain in the region of Salzburg in 1887. Further distilleries were opened in Bavaria and Tyrol. Since 1910, mountain pine has also been distilled in St. Ulrick am Pillersee.

Over the years, the Reichenhall Mack product range was expanded and received prestigious awards at the World Exhibitions in London in 1862, Paris in 1867, Vienna in 1873 and Philadelphia in 1876.

In 1898, the Augsburg-based pharmacist and proprietor of Hofapotheke St. Afra Hans Berger acquired company shares. The current proprietors of the company are his grandson Hans Berger and his wife Roswitha. The traditional therapeutic treatments have been completed with high-quality spa products and natural cosmetics.



Pictures from the history of Mack